In the four years that I have been practising Acupuncture in this clinic I have had the great honour of helping many women become pregnant and indeed stay pregnant as in the case of re-occurant miscarriage.

In the treatment of infertility it may be necessary to treat a range of conditions commonly experienced by women eg. amenorrhoea, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, habitual miscarriage, poor response to fertility and also unexplained infertility.

Currently, about 70% of those who have attended my Acupuncture Clinic have experienced success in becoming pregnant. I've also had similar success in helping those who have previously suffered from miscarriage remain pregnant. Unexplained infertility is an area that is often treated as the body may be out of balance in many ways that may not be initially obvious. A BBT chart is often used for this purpose as are other methods of diagnosis. No phyto-oestrogens are used in the treatment as they may interact with those hormonal treatments given by the clinic.

Privacy is a very important part in the treatment and you will only ever be contacted by me by the method that you choose and it will always be discrete.

Acupuncture can help to increase the chances of IVF by 50%. The treatment that is given with IVF(as with ICSI, ARTetc) is tailored to compliment the treatment that the western clinic will be treating you.

At all stages of the process you will be given various different protocols of treatment that will enhance your chances of having a good quality viable follicle and egg, producing enough progesterone and heat to fertilize the egg and finally hold on the embryo to hopefully produce a successful pregnancy.

I have also worked with women who have used the ‘Napro Technology’ route and have used an equably suitable protocol to suit this method. The quality of the egg is improved and again any further area that need to be addressed, are as they arise to the point of keeping the embryo in the body and available to progress.